Our Vision statement


Like ripples that result from a single stone being thrown into a pool of water, we believe that the impact of developing one disciple at a time will spread outward with ever increasing influence throughout the world. Our desire is to see the whole world impacted for Jesus Christ. We believe the best way for us to help accomplish this is by building up God-glorifying, Bible-believing, Christ-honoring churches around the world that are committed to developing mature, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ.

In Acts 1:8 Jesus told his disciples, “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” From there we see the impact of the first church spreading through the known world as ripples starting from that first stone dropped in Jerusalem and continuing through their area, their region and their world.

In light of this, we will aspire to let our impact, too, be felt around the world – starting right here in Boulder (our Jerusalem), the Front Range of Colorado (our Judea), the United States (our Samaria) and around the world.

We will maintain and build up our internal strength as a church, offering a warm, caring environment where people can experience authentic worship, connect in life-changing relationships and discover their life’s mission. Out of that internal strength we will foster an external focus, beginning by making our presence known here in our community, knowing our neighbors and being known by them as a church that doesn’t just believe in but also lives out the love of God. We will be a church committed to serving God by serving the world. We will be a church that seeks to know, understand and meet the needs of the community. We will strive to let our community see, understand and respond, one life at a time, to the love of Jesus Christ.

But we will not stop there. We will let our impact ripple outward through our region, strategically planting churches with this same kind of impact on their communities from Greeley to Denver.

To enable our impact to spread throughout our nation and around the world, we will also partner with other churches, ministries and missions on the national and international fields – supporting them with prayers, funds and manpower.

We will nurture, develop, equip and send out pastors, missionaries (short and long-term), evangelists and disciplers from within our church family.

All this we will accomplish only by God’s grace, according to His will and for His glory.

But it all starts with a single life – a stone dropped into the water.

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