Seventh Day Baptists enjoy a rich history going back to the 1600's when our first church was established in London, England. The first Seventh Day Baptist Church in America was established in 1671, and the first one in Boulder was established on May 21, 1893 by Samuel R. Wheeler (sent by the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society), at 12th and Arapahoe.

The Boulder church has been the birth of many spirit-filled and fun-loving ministries and events, such as camping programs, church suppers, bell-choir tours and concerts and ginger-bread parties. While our weekly attendance might qualify us as a “small” church, our hearts for ministry have proven over time that size makes little difference when it comes to serving the Lord.

Visit the Outreach page to see a few of the ministries we are currently actively involved in.

A few nuggets from our history:

In 1918, church services were suspended for the months of October and December because of the Spanish Flu epidemic. Two members died because of the flu.

Rev. Burdette Coon was actively involved in helping establish our sister church in Denver and served concurrently as their pastor when they began to meet in the home of Will and Mildred Jeffrey. When he resigned, it was to become a missionary to Jamaica.

The camping ministry (Camp Paul Hummel) began in 1931 and for several years, camp was held in several places, including Cedar Cove in the Big Thompson Canyon and Eagle Rock in Boulder Canyon, until the ministry found a permanent home at the ranch of member Paul Hummel in 1939.

The Boulder Church helped host the Seventh Day Baptist general Conference in 1908, 1936, 1942 and in 1964.

When Madeline Fitz Randolph started the bell choir (1967?), a bus that was painted blue, and called the Blue Bell, was used to take the bell choir members to conference and other places where they performed.

One member had a dream of fun and fellowship when she started the annual gingerbread party. This event is so popular that it is now in it’s 6th year and includes neighbors from the community and friends from Evangelical Anglican Fellowship, who rent our facility on Sundays.

While this is basically a brief sketch of our rich history, The Boulder SDB Church has been and will remain a LIGHT for Christ in Boulder County. May God continue to use our small group in a BIG way!

Church1The original building shown to the left was outgrown in the 1920's and sold.

The second building was built at 9th and Arapahoe and was dedicated on November 9th, 1928.

church3In 1988 the second building was sold. We are now in our third building at 6710 Arapahoe, east of Boulder which has a awesome view of the Flatirons and the Indian Peaks.

The Boulder SDB Church has been served by the the following pastors:

Elder Samuel Wheeler (1893-1903)
Rev. F.O Burdick (1903-1909) - was also a physician
Rev. A.L. Davis (1910-1916)
Rev. L.A. Wing (1916-1922)
Rev. Burdette Coon (1923-1927)
Dr. C.A. Hansen (1928-1929)
Rev. Ralph Coon (1930-1941)
Rev. Earl Cruzan (1942-1946)
Rev. Erlo Sutton (1946-1949)
Rev. Leland Davis (1949-1953)
Rev, E.A. Coltrin (1953-1955)
Rev. David S. Clarke (1955-1961)
Rev. Mynor Soper (1961-1964)
Rev. Elmo Fitz Randolph (1966-1981)
Rev. Gordon Lawton (1982-1993)
Rev. David Thorngate (1993-2007)
Rev. Stephen Osborn (2008 to present)

Current members also remember fondly Mother’s Day teas, Seder services at Resurrection Time and Christmas plays and cantatas. In the past, we have also had Men’s Prayer breakfasts, get-togethers with our sister church in Denver, fund-raising suppers, and special events with guest speakers. The Denver and Boulder seniors would often get together for luncheons, day field trips and visits to area museums. Note: For detailed historical information concerning our Church, please contact our denominational Historical Society.

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