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Prayer Service - Join us for PRAYER before the Worship Service on Sabbath, September 18. We will meet downstairs at 9:00a.m.
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Fourmile Fire
Firefighter Recognition
We can all agree how thankful we are to the valiant firefighters who put their lives on the line to protect the homes and properties in Boulder Heights.


As you enter the camp and drive to the lodge, there is no evidence that a fire was even near the area.  However, if you walk straight up from the upper cabin towards the towers, the fire came to within about 100 feet of the building.  The firefighters fought an incredible battle and won, which included orange slurry sprayed from above, large trees cut down in strategic spots, and a long and winding fire line which they dug by hand.  The fire raged through a large part of the property through the undergrowth, leaving the tops of the tree untouched.  The firefighters followed many of our trails and roads which created breaks for them to enhance. 

The burn areas are very sporatic.  Starting from the South Meadow all over Geneva Point and up the ridge from there to the road near the towers is scorched with many burned trees.  However to the east and north all the way to the building area there are no burned trees.  From the towers south and west, all the way to the archery range, is extensively burned.  However, the practice range and picnic tables did not burn.  The firemen said there were a few of the large animal targets left, but not very many unfortunately.  There are still spot fires smoldering all over the burn area.  There remains a crew of   firefighters still roaming the property putting those spots out.  We heard that there is still a great danger from some of those fires that follow the root system of a tree and come out somewhere else where the wind whips it up and starts to burn again.  Although the fire raged all around and right up to the tower building, we couldn't see any burn evidence on the buildings or the towers.  The cables in the air burned, but not all the way through.  All the power and telephone polls to the lodge are still up.

We still have an amazing piece of property with most of our trees still vibrantly growing.  Thank you all for being prayer warriors this week!  It is truly a miracle that stopped it from coming any closer, or from a different direction. 
In the pictures you can see the orange retardant that was dropped, especially on the white door.
Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Fire/P1040256.jpg Fire/P1040255.jpg Fire/P1040253.jpg Fire/P1040261.jpg
Fire/P1040257.jpg Fire/P1040270.jpg Fire/P1040264.jpg Fire/P1040259.jpg
Fire/P1040275.jpg Fire/P1040280.jpg Fire/P1040279.jpg Fire/P1040274.jpg
Fire/P1040267.jpg Fire/the_lodge.jpg Fire/stil_here.jpg Fire/spot_fire.jpg
Fire/hit_and_miss_fire.jpg Fire/firefighters.jpg