Our Philosophy of Ministry


We are committed to developing mature, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ…one at a time. To accomplish this we will utilize:

God’s Word which will always remain our authority for faith and practice – we emphasize both personal and corporate study

Prayer believing in God’s miraculous power to accomplish what we cannot

Vibrant Worship where individuals can meet, worship and commune with God

Discipleship designed to systematically move individuals to growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ

Relationships both one-on-one and small groups, reflecting our commitment to encourage, inspire and walk-alongside each other in our faith journey

Involvement agreeing that church cannot be a spectator sport, everyone is expected to be involved in its ministry

Families as God’s most powerful institution for impacting both the individual and the culture, we build up strong families and equip family members to minister to each other

Individuals with the belief that each person is ultimately responsible to grow in his or her own relationship with Christ

External Focus combining good deeds with the Good News to impact our community for Christ

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